Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

To help get the most out of your workout routine, you need to add in some challenge and intensity. There are many ways to do this, but one of the best methods to see results quickly is to do variable resistance training. 

This is becoming a popular movement in the fitness industry, but if you are worried this is just another fad, then you are missing out on the best workout for your needs. Including can help you get through the plateaus that happen with other workouts and can make more muscle tone in no time. 

There are many benefits to choosing variable resistance training and adding it into your workout routine. Some of these great benefits include:

Prevents Injury

Injuries are a big problem when it comes to working out strong. There may be a lot of benefits that come with strength training, but if you do too much of it or you are not careful with your workouts, then you could cause an injury that will slow you down. With variable resistance training, you can reduce injury by allowing the muscles to gain strength in new ways. 

Variable resistance training allows the muscles to gain some strength at every point in the lift, rather than just during the lockout, which commonly happens when you do traditional strength training. Because you are able to strengthen the muscles at all parts of the lift, you may find that straining is more likely to happen. 

No More Plateaus

No More Plateaus

As you work on losing weight or gaining more muscle mass, there may come a time when you reach a plateau. This means that you will see a slow down or a cessation to your improvement and gains. This can be frustrating when you keep working hard and see no improvements at all. This is something you can prevent when you work with variable resistance training. 

Because this method of training is going to work to activate muscles that have been stagnant in the past, you will be able to see more growth and strength very quickly after you start using these. Utilizing the variable resistance training may be the trick you need to avoid those pesky plateaus.

Help Improve Balance and Flexibility

Another benefit of going with variable resistance training is that it can help with your balance and flexibility. Lifting heavy weights means that you need to be balanced and have a stable platform in order to lift without hurting yourself. Using the resistance chains and bands will help you to naturally improve your balance as you lift. 

Many find that the resistance bands are going to help improve flexibility because you take the time to isolate muscle groups that you may have ignored in other lifting exercises. As. You work to gain more strength, you may find that it helps you gain more flexibility because you gain mobility as well. 

If you are someone who suffers from issues in flexibility or balance, then you need to give variable resistance training a try. It will help you to see improvements in both, which can carry over to other aspects of your life. 

Adds New Muscle Groups and Movements


This workout allows you to work on adding new movements and muscle groups to your routine. There are a lot of muscles in the body and while regular strength training is a great place to start, there are some of the smaller movements and muscles that get missed out in the process. Using variable resistance training can really make a difference. 

Have you always wanted to do a chin-up or a pull-up, but find that you do not have the strength to get a full rep done? This is where the resistance bands will come into place. When you add a resistance band around the pull-up bar and then having your feet as leverage, you can gain practice in the movement. 

Over time, the muscle groups will gain enough strength to help you do a chin-up or a pull-up without the band at all. Using these resistance bands are there to aid your workout routine. They can make it easier for you to add some interest and variety to a workout routine, while adding in some challenges to the whole thing as well. 

Adds Speed and Power to the Lifts

If you have seen someone who has been able to do a large amount of weight without struggling, it is likely that they did some sort of resistance training in their workout along the way. In fact, research shows us that after adding some variable resistance training to a routine strength training workout, you will be able to increase the force and speed of the movement. 

Lifting a lot of weight can be fun, but it takes a long time to make it happen. If you would like to do this in your life, then you should consider getting some variable resistance training in your life. This will make a big difference and can help you work on many muscle groups and get stronger all the time. 

For those who would like to work on certain muscle groups to see them improve, then the resistance bands during your press reps and you will start to notice the faster improvements with variable resistance training. You can add these chains or bands to any kind of workout you choose and soon see the results, faster than with traditional strength training. 

Choosing Variable Resistance Training

Variable resistance training can be the answer that your workout is looking for. Take a look at some of the benefits above to see why you should add variable resistance training to your workout routine